Alice's Musical Debut by DuEwa Frazier, Illustrated by Nadia Salas

Juvenile/Historical Fiction


7- year old Alice McLeod has a special ear, an ear for musical sounds in and around her home in Detroit.  A thunderstorm keeps Alice awake one night and as she listens to the storm from her bedroom window, the sounds of an owl and the rain, seem to call her name. Playing outside becomes a sensory adventure for Alice. The bees in the flowers, the swish of the trees moving in the breeze, the sound of an ice cream truck, and the laughter of children, combine to form music in Alice's world. Alice’s Musical Debut reimagines one day in the childhood of the late jazz pianist, harpist, composer and organist Alice Coltrane - wife of the legendary jazz saxophonist and composer, John Coltrane.  Set in the 1940s, Alice’s Musical Debut reveals the magical connection young Alice McLeod has with nature sounds and musical rhythms. Alice's Musical Debut is a story filled with poetic language and imagery that speaks to the hearts of all children.  Grades 2 and up.




"DuEwa's rhythmic storytelling will delight young listeners and readers and energize them into snapping fingers and stomping feet, while they learn to overcome fear through Alice's journey of finding her calling."
-Michelle R. Gipson,Publisher/Founder of Written Magazine

"DuEwa takes young readers on a magical journey to discover the musical world around them. She reminds us all, young and old,to take time to enjoy the beauty in sounds."
-Keba Cairo, Children's Book Author

 "DuEwa Frazier masterfully orchestrates experiences that any child who reads Alice's Musical Debut will connect with. Adults and children alike will be able to encounter the wonderment of our world through the sensory adventures of Alice McLeod. Readers will delight in this lyrical and onomatopoeic tale."
-Marc A. Medley, Host of "The Reading Circle with Marc Medley"



Alice's Musical Debut by DuEwa Frazier, Illustrated by Nadia Salas

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