Quincy Rules by DuEwa Frazier

Teen/Middle Grade


Imagine receiving mysterious letters and cards with no return address. These letters and cards tell little about the person who sends them, other than the fact that the sender, is the father you have never met. Quincy Lyles is a 15-year old teen who masters yoga at a young age, gets straight A's in school and lives a pretty predictable life. That is, until she starts to search for her father. Struggling to understand her true identity, Quincy goes on an adventurous quest to find the missing part of her life. Quincy’s best friend Delaney Rojas helps her use the new found "sleuthing" abilities she must rely on. Quincy Rules is a young adult mystery filled with suspense, humor and a little bit of sass. Grades 6-9.



"Filled with memorable characters, Quincy's search for her father is both humorous and heartbreaking."

- Lisa Goldstein, Division Chief, Brooklyn Public Library

Quincy Rules by DuEwa Frazier

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