Shedding Light From My Journeys by DuEwa Frazier



Shedding Light from My Journeys is a volume of poetry which reveals the passionate and insightful perspective of a young poet on art, spirituality, womanhood, community and more.



I found rainbows
in my eyes today
I found rainbows
in my mouth today rainbows in my soul and wings to fly, fly, fly I saw myself weaving in and out of my life
I saw myself
shedding old skin
a metamorphosis
of many colors
Liken me to a new soul
dancing into my new skin
I too am a wonder-filled creature unfolding strange and free Butterflies cannot be caught
You can't hinder a butterfly
just smile
bless it
and let-it-go
Release me
I, butterfly
strange and

- DuEwa Frazier, Shedding Light From My Journeys




The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

5.0 out of 5 stars Life is a Journey


SHEDDING LIGHT FROM MY JOURNEYS is exactly what DuEwa M. Frazier does with this extraordinary book of poetry. The book is divided into five sections, each of which takes the reader through various life experiences. The sections, "Journeys of Love," "Journeys of Self," "Journeys of My Sisters," "Journeys of My Brothers," and "The Epic Journeys," each contain poems that relate to the experiences of everyday life. Although all the poetry is intriguing, my favorites include, "Letter To Your Proposition," "No Yells Girl," and "MCs-No More Video."
This is an excellent book of poetry that has a little something for everyone. The poems depict life today and also have a somewhat historical perspective so that the reader sees the past, the present, and hopes for the future. I look forward to reading future works from this author, including her upcoming play Me and Zora.

Shedding Light From My Journeys by DuEwa Frazier

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